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The Whisperer

Highlanders from the Mists of Time

Since the death of her parents, Freya MacBay has only known life on her uncle’s farm. With no other companions to share her days, Freya’s love of horses, especially her uncle’s untamed stallion Kai, will lead her into a conflict with her guardian that will put the life of the horse in danger. Fleeing on a steed she has no control over leads her to a meeting with a man who is determined to help her even if she doesn’t believe she needs his help.


Timothy Murray has traveled to the tiny town of Delight where he hopes to find work with his friend and fellow Highlander Ross Seton. His reputation as a horse whisperer lends itself perfectly to work on the Seton ranch, where he feels at home among the horses and in the beauty of the Sierra Nevada range. He has no idea that scouting out a trail for future trail riders will lead him through a cave and back to a time he never thought he’d see again. It’s a ride that will change his life forever when he meets Freya MacBay and Kai. All of Tim’s skill as a horse whisperer will be put to the test as he attempts to gain the trust of the spirited stallion. Gaining Freya’s trust will be another matter altogether


A Tempestuous Wind
An Annie Turner Mystery
Set in Gilded Age Chicago
Release date Spring 2023