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The Dagger

Prequel to The Green Sky Series - April 23, 2021 Release - now available for pre-order 

With the murder of her father, Lizette Wickham sets out on an unexpected adventure that will take her from the safety and comfort of her home on the island of Manta Cay and into a world filled with dangerous pirates, lost treasure, and unexpected romance. Lizette’s life, and that of her brother, are in danger. She’s been tasked by a notorious pirate with finding a stolen treasure. If she fails, the results would be disastrous. The only man who can help her has a fearsome reputation of his own. Can she trust him with her life? Can she trust him with her heart?


Years at sea, with only brief time spent ashore, haven’t left Rourke Mackall much room for love in his life. The unexpected death of his friend, Governor William Wickham, upends everything when Rourke meets the governor’s daughter, whom he has sworn to protect. Working together with Lizette to find a missing treasure and the man who murdered her father creates an undeniable attraction that could change both their lives forever.  

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Green Sky At Night

Book One of The Green Sky Series - May 14, 2021 Release Date - Pre-order now available

Danielle York has fallen through time and into the arms of pirate captain, Jameson Mackall. Mistaking the ship and crew who rescue her as just part of a totally authentic pirate party cruise, she’s in for a shock when she realizes where and when she actually is. With no idea how she got there or how to get home, Danielle must trust in the people of the time, but should she trust a pirate?


Jameson Mackall proves to her again and again that he will help her navigate the murky waters of the century she finds herself in. He wants Danielle to stay, but understands her need to leave. If she’s able to go home, time and distance will destroy the bond that has grown between them. If she stays, she must answer one question. Is the pirate life for her?


The Golden Hook

Book Two of The Green Sky Series
Summer 2021 Release Date

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