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Book Two - Delight Series

Kade Fletcher is the youngest of three brothers who have time-traveled from eighteenth-century Scotland to present-day California. He loves his new life and the friends who’ve quickly become family to him. The only thing missing is a lass to share it with.


Billie Adams has come to Delight to write her very first book. She’s new to the whole world of writing and believes a month’s stay at the Writer’s Ranch will spark her imagination. The one thing she wasn’t prepared for when she arrived in town was Kade Fletcher. She can’t seem to take her eyes off him whenever he’s around, but she’s sure he belongs to someone else and Billie refuses to set her sights on another woman’s man. If she can’t have him, surely there’s nothing wrong with making him the muse for her story, is there? All the while Billie is busy watching Kade, she has the uncomfortable feeling she’s being watched by someone unknown and unseen. Is it a bear, a man or a mythical Scottish creature? As she becomes more involved in the goings-on of Delight, she finds herself in trouble and Kade may be the only one who can save her.


Kade and Billie are undeniably attracted to each other, but can they be just friends? It’s a question with an easy answer for him and one that has her doubting her strong sense of what’s right.


Book Three - Delight Series

Small town romance meets time travel in California’s Sierra Nevada.


Payton Fletcher is a grieving widower who has lost his wife and child in eighteenth-century Scotland. Time traveling to present-day Delight, California hasn’t helped him move past his grief. He spends his days and nights working to avoid the painful memories that he can’t seem to keep at bay. His only escape is hiking the rugged trails that surround his new home. The solitude of the hikes brings him relief from the good intentions of his brothers and the people of Delight but keeps him locked in the prison of emotions he seems unable to escape.


Crystal Stone has had a loss of her own. After her husband’s death, she and her daughter move back to Delight to live with her mother. Crystal is a psychic and believes there is someone nearby who needs her help. She thinks it might be Payton, but there is a very real possibility it could be someone or something else that is calling to her for help.


Crystal has an almost immediate attraction to Payton, but he has vowed to love only one woman and he will not betray his vows. Will Payton and Crystal be able to abandon their grief, or will they remain tethered to their pasts? If the people of Delight have something to do with it, anything could be possible.

In Time For Edna

Book Ten of The Thistle & Hive Series
Estimated Release Late Summer/Early Fall 2020