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Book One - Delight Series​

Bearnard “Bear” Fletcher and his brothers are running for their lives. They’re wanted by the English Dragoons for reaving their own cattle in the year 1747. In order to escape, they flee on foot and the only way they can go is up. Climbing to a cave on Ben Macdhui might be their last hope, but they’re soon caught in an avalanche that tosses them through time to the year 2019 and a place very far away from home.


Kirsten Hunter is part owner of a ski shop in the tiny Sierra Nevada village of Delight. She’s also a member of the local search and rescue team. Her days are full and her personal life is suffering.  It isn’t until she meets Bear that she believes there might be something missing in her life. Unfortunately, she thinks he and his brothers are irresponsible, extreme skiers who have flouted the rules and were caught in the controlled avalanche she was tasked with overseeing. Having no idea that they are actually time traveling Highlanders she is angered that they risked their own lives and the lives of her search and rescue team for what she sees as an adrenaline rush.


The attraction Bear and Kirsten have for each other becomes harder and harder to deny as they spend time together, but standing in their way is a jealous man who wants Kirsten all to himself and Bear’s desire to return to life the way it was before the Highland defeat at Culloden -  the life he’s lost and can’t forget.


Book Two - Delight Series
Release Date 12/8/19

Kade Fletcher is the youngest of three brothers who have time-traveled from eighteenth-century Scotland to present-day California. He loves his new life and the friends who’ve quickly become family to him. The only thing missing is a lass to share it with.


Billie Adams has come to Delight to write her very first book. She’s new to the whole world of writing and believes a month’s stay at the Writer’s Ranch will spark her imagination. The one thing she wasn’t prepared for when she arrived in town was Kade Fletcher. She can’t seem to take her eyes off him whenever he’s around, but she’s sure he belongs to someone else and Billie refuses to set her sights on another woman’s man. If she can’t have him, surely there’s nothing wrong with making him the muse for her story, is there? All the while Billie is busy watching Kade, she has the uncomfortable feeling she’s being watched by someone unknown and unseen. Is it a bear, a man or a mythical Scottish creature? As she becomes more involved in the goings-on of Delight, she finds herself in trouble and Kade may be the only one who can save her.


Kade and Billie are undeniably attracted to each other, but can they be just friends? It’s a question with an easy answer for him and one that has her doubting her strong sense of what’s right.


Book Three - Delight Series
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Raider of the Deep

Pirates of Britannia Connected World

A beloved father’s murder, stolen treasure, and a handsome pirate who may be the man that destroyed her family…


Lizzette Wickham finds herself at the mercy of the notorious Spanish pirate, Pargo. Forced to believe his story that Rourke Mackall, a pirate of the Scottish Brethren, killed her father and stole Pargo’s treasure, Lizzie must make a decision. Will she save herself and her younger brother? To do so she must do Pargo’s bidding by finding his treasure while surviving everything that makes her island home dangerous.


Rourke Mackall has returned to Manta Cay with the intent of visiting his old friend, Governor William Wickham. He is shocked to learn of his death at the hands of a nameless enemy. Determined to keep a promise he made to the governor, he is honor bound to see the governor’s children are safely escorted to London. Believing Lizzie to be a wee lass, he is shocked to find she is a beautiful young woman who has no intention of leaving the island. 


Lizzie never expected to find the target of her revenge to be innocent and willing to aid her. Rourke is the opposite of everything Pargo has told her—kind, patient, and quite possibly, the man of her dreams.

 Together, they navigate the dangerous waters surrounding her island home, chasing the murderer that ended her father’s life while also discovering the thief that stole Pargo’s treasure. Of course, these revelations come at a price, for Rourke has never loved a woman for more than a night, and the fiercely independent Lizette will never give in until she gets what she wants.