Upcoming and New  Releases

Green Sky At Night

Book One of The Green Sky Series - Spring 2021 Release 

In Time For Edna

Book Ten of The Thistle & Hive Series

Edna Campbell is missing. She’s been kidnapped and is being held prisoner by an enemy she didn’t know she had. One who is determined to undo Edna’s most cherished work. For years Edna has taken pride in matching couples from present-day San Francisco with those from the sixteenth-century Scottish Highlands.  The couples don’t know it, but they will soon find themselves being separated and sent back to their own times. There is no guarantee they will be reunited. It’s up to Angus and Maggie to find Edna and reverse the magic that has imprisoned her and forced the couples apart.  

Christmas In Delight

Book Four - Delight Series

Amy Astin and Avery Winters have watched all of their friends meet and marry time-traveling Scottish Highlanders. They have one more wedding to attend and then they will officially be the only single women left in the sleepy Sierra Nevada town of Delight.


As luck would have it, a broken-down car on a snowy night in December finds the two friends stranded, freezing, and alone. They can’t believe their eyes when out of nowhere the MacLure brothers arrive on horseback to rescue them.


Gavin and Conall were searching for their cousins, the Fletchers when they came across a cave that led them through time to Delight. Their cousins aren’t happy to see them, believing them to be traitors. This leaves Amy and Avery having to choose sides between their friends the Fletchers, or these two men who have captured their hearts.